Irina, Krivoy Rog

Date of stay: 10.01.2017


In these last winter days, with special warmth I remember the days spent in VETEROK! We arrived with granddaughter at the end of May, and on June 3 she had a birthday, four years old. For both of us it was amazing and pleasant that the granddaughter was publicly congratulated by the animator Alina on her birthday at the cafe during breakfast in the morning! There was a cake, balloons and toys.

I want to pay attention that the talented animator get along with the children of different ages from 2 years and up to 15.

Special thanks to caf? collective for correct selection of food, quality of preparation. So for those who have little children, can safely go, you will be glad. On request of guests, will prepare diet food. In the assortment there were fruits and strawberries. And I have never eaten such delicious peaches !!! For lovers of salads there is also a great choice, that was outstanding.

Rooms were cleaned daily, as well as a change of towels. If someone is interested in high-quality dairy products, then you can ask the maid Lyudochka, and she will bring you the most delicious fresh milk in the morning!

 And of course the sea, warm, the beach was cleaned every day!

The recreation centre is very suitable for family holidays, rest with children.

If someone has any questions, I can tell you about the rest in more detail.

Thank you for a wonderful and carefree holiday !!! Good luck and prosperity!


Marina, Kiev

Date of stay: 11-21.07.2017

Good afternoon! Thank you for such a wonderful service very much! On this recreation centre they take care of guests leasure time.  The staff is very nice. Special thanks to the chef for always fresh and tasty food, always pastries and fruit. A very pleasant surprise is a glass of wine for dinner)). We did not have to buy anything from food. There is everything in the rest house,  there is always hot water and rooms are cleaned every day. Beach and sand are always cleaned.

It's just great for the kids! Animator spends a lot of time with them, games, dances, etc.)) It's still difficult to get there, there is simply no road. Pit on the pit. But we did not regret that we arrived! Veterok is a quiet, carefree vacation for the family!

Natalia, Germany (Osnabruck)

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Accidentally got on this recreation centre, or maybe not by accident. Great thanks to the staff and hosts of the recreation centre, they are very friendly, kind, sympathetic people. The rooms are clean, the air-conditioners are quiet, the food is excellent, tasty, the beach is clean.


Tatiana, Italy

Date of stay: 07/23/2017

For the first time we rested on the Veterok base with the whole family. We found this recreation centre through the Internet, and liked the photos more than anyone else. And in reality, our expectations were confirmed. The staff is very welcoming, the atmosphere is homely and cozy.

The house was always in a clean state with constantly clean towels. The food is excellent and varied. Ideal place for rest of the whole family. I would like to note some disadvantages - to vary and make the playground safer.


Natalia, Germany

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If there be an opportunity, we will definitely rest in the Veterok. Near there are  live music, souful songs, dances and sing. Service in the bar is excellent, with love and attention to every order. Animator Alina, a wonderful girl, she quickly get along with children, they adore her. We will definitely come, if we visit this places again.


Olya and Jeanne, Lviv.

The date of stay from 24.08.2017 to 01.09.2017

It was the first time when we got such a great pleasure from the rest in Ukraine in really comfortable conditions. We want to say that the description of the recreation center “Veterok” completely corresponds to reality. Cleaning and changing of linen and towels was daily procedure. The food was excellent, it was rather tasty and it was a lot for everybody. We ate watermelons every day. There were additional dishes, salads; it was possible to take as much as you want. One more pleasant fact, the sea is very close to the recreation center, it was very warm and really clean. The beach (sand) is cleaned every day, there are enough places for everyone, and nobody disturbs you. As for the bar, there is live music. There is a Wi-Fi at the territory of the recreation center. The staff is very polite, attentive and kind, special gratitude for this. We had a great rest there, so we recommend this place, go to this recreation center and you won’t regret. 


Liliya, Izmail 

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This is an excellent place, great conditions of residing, as for the cuisine, it is possible to say that it is like a homemade food, but I assure you that you do not eat so much at home… There is a big variety of salads, buns and pies, fruit and vegetables… Rooms are clean, cozy and clear. There are all necessary equipments. It is pleasant to spend time there even when the weather is not sunny. There is a playground on the territory of the recreation center, so children run there with a great pleasure and ride on swings. The youth can play billiards, play tennis or volley-ball, and for those who want to play their favorite computer games can found them in computer room. It is a great rest in the bar on the sea shore with a glass of beer or a cup of coffee… Or even something stronger… 


Olga, Belarus, Gomel

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Good day to everyone. I want to share with you my impressions. A big company of us had a rest here; it was three families (three children) in 2017. I want to start with positive and pleasant moments: 1. the food is wonderful, it was tasty like homemade food, and fruit are always available (it was no need to buy them). In addition to main portion of food there was a buffet table. We ordered shashlick in advance for the evening, the meat was marinated by the cook, and we just enjoyed of cooking on the grill and eating it. 2. The rooms are clean daily. 3. They change towels every day. The quantity of towels corresponds to the quantity of people in the room. 4. The sea is veeeery close; the beach is fantastic, clean and spacious. 5. There are car-parks on the territory of the recreation center and near the rooms. 6. The territory is fenced and there is a video monitoring. 7. The staff is very attentive, they react on client’s wishes with understanding, quickly and qualitatively. 8. The furniture in the rooms is in a good condition, not shabby. There are all necessary things. 9. Every evening there is processing of the territory from mosquitoes. 10. The bar on the beach is not bad, with good music and live performance. 11. Children’s animator had a good time with children and entertains not only them but also their parents. We had luck to be in the recreation center when it was The Day of Neptune and The Independence Day- we had a wonderful time, and much of bright, pleasant impressions. But I also want to mark some negative points: 1. The main thing – bad road from Spassky to the recreation center (approximately 30 km). There is no road at all. Cars drive across fields, but now on that place there is normal two-lane road. 2. As for the playground, it is very far from modern life, everything is very old there and metallic. 3. Tennis table is in a good condition but it is better to take your own rackets, and billiard table, unfortunately, is too shabby… the balls cannot even roll on it. 4. The assortment of goods is not big in the bar, no choice of beer and sweets. But in spite of some negative moments we want very much to come to have a rest definitely to this place again!!!!! The rest with children is ideal there. The sea is shallow with shells on the surf line and with a little quantity of colorful jellyfish, the sea is very warm. We have a rest there by three generations, my parents, and my family with our children’s godparents and our children. It was a great rest. I really hope that we meet again. The Ulitinu



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