These rules set an order of booking, settlement, residence and providing of service in the recreation center “Veterok”.

1. The recreation center “Veterok” is for temporary residence and recreation of Ukrainian citizens and citizens of other countries for the period which is agreed with the administration of the recreation center, but not less than 2 days.

After the expiration of this term you must leave the room on request of the administration. If you wish to prolong the term of your residence you need to inform the administrator about this at least in 48 hours before the time of your leaving which was agreed.

It is possible to prolong the period of your residence in the same room only if nobody has booked it before. The administration gives no guarantee on any rooms until they are paid.

2. In order to ensure the safety and security of the property of tourists, everybody who books a room in the recreation center must register, it is necessary to have identity documents (passport or driving license), and the proof of payment. Children must be included in your passport or to have their own passport (birth certificate).

3. The administration of the recreation center has the right to book rooms. If there are vacant rooms, the administration accept bookings in written form, and according to telephone agreement. In case of booking, residence or free settlement a guest has the right to choose the category of room, but the right to choose the definite room belongs to the administration of the recreation center.

4. Payment for the residence and services in the recreation center is fulfilled at contract prices, according to the price list approved by the guidance.

5. Settlement is made only after entire payment for the whole term of residence in advance. Otherwise we cannot guarantee   that your room will not be busy.

6. Check out time is agreed during the settlement.

7. In case of the delay of client’s departure payment for the accommodation is charged in the following order:

- no more than 2 hours after the check out time – fee of half a day.

- from 2 hours to 24 hours after check out time- fee of the whole day.

8. In case a guest refuses from residing in the recreation center or wants to reduce the term of an accommodation, money of unused period is returned deducting the sum for two last days. If a guest wants to leave a day or two days earlier the expiration term of his accommodation, money (for last day or two days) is not returned.

9. During the settlement a guest should check if there is something wrong with his room and inform the administration or a maid about this for the administration to take measures to provide comfort. A guest can express his own wishes, and the center will do everything which is possible.

10.  There is parking on the territory of the recreation center and it is free of charge.

11. If a guest has some questions which cannot be solved by his maid, a guest should inform about this the administration of the recreation center.

12. It is forbidden to take out the room equipment, furniture, linens and towels. 

13. Guests bear administrative, legal and material responsibility in case of causing damage to the recreation center, workers of the recreation center and other people’s property who are on the territory of the recreation center.

14. The recreation center does not bear the responsibility for public services (emergency shutdown of electricity, water, cable TV).

 15.  The guest must:

- leaving the room to close the taps, windows, switch off the light, TV and air conditioner;

- comply with order of residence, keep room clean, and keep public order in the recreation center and at its territory;

- comply strictly the rules of fire safety;

- pay damages in case of losing or causing damage to the property of the recreation center;

- bear responsibility for their visitors’ actions;

- pay fully for all additional services provided by the recreation center in time;

- leave the room and give the maid the key in check out time.  

16. It is FORBIDDEN:

- keep bulky things, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury;

- keep any animals, birds, reptiles in the room;

- use any heaters;

- move furniture without the administration’s agreement;

- smoke in the room;

- disturb guests, staying in the next room;

- visit the caf? (dining room) in the swimming suits;

- take out dishes from the caf? (dining room);

- drive the car with a speed more than 10 km/hour;

- disturb the public order;

- leave the children without looking after them.

17. The administration of the recreation center warns:

- be careful on the water and follow the basic rules of savety conduct;

- stay out of the pool when you are drunk or unhealthy;

- don’t leave the children in the pool and near the pool unattended;

- follow hygiene rules related to swimming pool visits;

- treat attentively and respectfully to other guests who are in the pool and next to it;

- responsibility for the safety of tourists during their stay in the pool lies on the tourists themselves;

- responsibility for the children’s health and life of any age rests with their parents.

18. The administration does not bear the responsibility if the guest loose valuable things.

19. If the guests invite friends, relatives or other people, they should inform the administration about this and reconcile the time of being their visitors on the territory of the recreation center. Visitors are not admitted without identity documents.

20. The guests should keep calm from the 11 pm to 7.30 am on the territory of the recreation center. During this time it is forbidden to turn on audio systems and TV sets at high volume.

In case of repeated disturbance of the public order during the time from 11 pm to 7.30 am, the administration can evict the guest.

21. Be careful with fire. The guests can make fire only in special areas, in braziers, standing on the beach at the bar.

22. Be careful with electrical appliance. Do not use any appliances if there is something wrong with them, do not damage sockets. If you find sockets damaged inform the administration about this immediately.

23. The administration of the recreation center has the right to visit the rooms without the guest’s permission in case of smoke, fire, flood and in the case of breaking the rules of residence in the recreation center.

24. The administration has the right to take measures for eviction the guest in the case of his breaking rules of public order, sanitary regulations, internal mode of the recreation center and disobedience regarding reasonable requests off the managing staff of the recreation center. The recreation center is guarded.

25. If there are some things, that the guest has forgotten, the administration informs the owner (if he is known) immediately.

26. If there are some complains from clients, the administration takes all possible measures, provided by the legislation, to settle the conflict.

27. If there are some cases which are not provided by these rules, the administration and clients act according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

28. If there are some objections, comments, suggestions, please contact the administration.

Have a good rest!


* The rules of the residence in the recreation center “Veterok” developed on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Customer’s Right” approved by the Supreme Council of Ukraine № 1024-XII form 12.05.1991 (with amendments and additions).