The village Primorskoe is located in Kealia district, Odessa region in Ukraine. There are recreation centers on the seashore of the Black Sea in 2 kilometers from the village which stretch along the coastline for 6 kilometers.

Recreation area is situated on the distance of 42 kilometers from the district center (Kealia) and on the distance of 160 kilometers from the regional center (Odessa). The distance from the recreation center to Kiev is about 630 kilometers. (look on the map)

There are detached stone cottages at the recreation center, which are clear and specious.

High comfort level provides a complete family, individual and corporate holidays.

What attracts visitors to the recreation center “Veterok”? Great location! It is a quiet and welcoming place close to the beach of specific tiny sand which is located in about 40 meters from cottages. At the beach there is shallow water, which is so important for children.

There is the clean sea, gentle breezes, the soothing sound of surf, space, air, well maintained area of recreation center, there are greenery and flowers.

People come to the recreation center “Veterok” to have a rest from bustle of the noise city.

Everything disposes to relax here.

The territory of the recreation center is fenced and guarded day and night, that is why it is impossible to penetrate there from outside. Daily housekeeping. There is parking if you come to the recreation center by auto transport.

There are two bed rooms in the stone cottages at your service:

- Two bedrooms in Suit room, hot and cold water supply day and night, toilet, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning; total area of the Suit room is 36m2.

- One bedroom, double, triple, quadruple rooms of class Junior suit room, with toilet, hot and cold water supply day and night, a refrigerator, TV, air conditioning and all necessary furniture in cozy stone cottages. The total are of which is about 18 m2 and more.

- Comfortable cottages for 1 family:

You can enjoy a variety of Bessarabia cuisine in a spacious and chilly dining-room. Professional cooks will surprise you witha variety of home-made and delicious dishes. There are fresh vegetables, fruit and cookies always on the table. There is full board.

According to your order fresh milk, cow and sheep’s cheese and cottage cheese can be delivered to your room from the local producers.

There is a bar on the territory of the recreation center, where you can find a great variety of food products, soft drinks and ice-cream. In the bar you can order and taste fresh cooked fish dishes, shashlik (BBQ facilities you can get free of charge).

There is a heated swimming pool at the recreation centre. All guests can use it.

Our pool is:

- an excellent addition to the seaside rest;

- an opportunity to spend leisure with all family near the pool in any weather;

- you can not deny yourself the pleasure of swimming in a storm and cool days during the rest;

- when the water is not enough warmed up in the sea, you can not limit the children in bathing, it is pleasant to plunge into the cool fresh water on a hot summer day and get a charge of vivacity, a burst of energy and good mood for a long time;

- our animators will help to vary your and your children's leisure by organizing all kinds of entertainment;

- for active guests it is the opportunity to do sports on the water and recovery, water gymnastics or outdoor games in the water;

- those who likes sunbathing near the swimming pool are provided chaise-lounges.

There are playgrounds for playing football and volley-ball, table tennis room and billiards room for those who like active rest. There is a computer room. You can use Wi-Fi internet free of charge throughout the territory of the recreational center (including the beach area.) At the beach you can rent chaise-longue.

Children can have a good and entertaining time with our animators. All possible competitions, games and disco for children are holdthere. There are also at your service– playgrounds with swings and carousel, extensive green lawn.

If you choose us, we are waiting for you!

There is an opportunity to visit the city Odessa, and the department store market – 7 km, at extra charge. You will be brought there by comfortable transport.

There is an opportunity to spend your leisure time with tour operator “Vilkovo Tour”: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

According to your wishes, we can meet you at the railway station or at the airport in the city Odessa. (at extra charge)

It is possible to get our recreation center by the bus “Odessa-Vilkovo”, passing through the village Primorskoe. (The seashore )

(look at the map)

The departure of buses from Odessa “Privoz” (the railway station area):

6.25; 7.30; 11.15; 15.50; 16.40; 18.30