The human life is not just work but also a complete rest. You have been working hard all year- it’s time to relax. Don’t waste time searching for a good place for rest! Welcome to our resort which has a refreshing name “Veterok” (Breeze) which is situated on the warm and calm shore of the Black Sea, close to the Biosphere Reserve “Danube floods”

During the existence of our resort there are many people who come back here every year. Join them and you will have a great time, get energy and be in a good mood all the time, and keep the memories of the warm sea, the gentle sun, care and attention of the staff for the whole year.

There are people of different nationalities have a rest here, mostly citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

There are many activities in the resort area of the village Primorskoe : fishing,variety of playgrounds,amusement park,stores,markets,daily disco and karaoke,water slides for children and a great choice of water motorbikes and bicycles.

Here you can have an excursion tours to the Danube Delta and the city Vilkovo- Ukrainian Venice, trips to the city of humor-Odessa, visiting an ancient Belgorod-Dniester fortress and old cellars of wine tasting rooms in Shabo. You can order a special tour – Vip service.

The hot southern sun, the beautiful Black Sea, healthful sea air, clean, golden sand will give you unforgettable memories of summer. It will be so pleasant to review the photos, sitting in the arm-chair in snowy winter evenings and to remember the time you spent being a guest at our resort.

You will tell your friends many wonderful stories about every day you spent in the sound of the surf. You can always rely on our hospitality and pleasant attentive service. We respect our client’s wishes, probably because of this factor, people who come to us for the first time come to our resort again and again.

Invite as guests, see off as friends.

The season of seaside holidays begins in the middle of May. You can join our recreation center any day you want. Thank you for your right choice!

If you choose us, we are waiting for you!

There is an opportunity to visit the city Odessa, and the department store market – 7 km, at extra charge. You will be brought there by comfortable transport.

There is an opportunity to spend your leisure time with tour operator “Vilkovo Tour”: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

According to your wishes, we can meet you at the railway station or at the airport in the city Odessa. (at extra charge)

It is possible to get our recreation center by the bus “Odessa-Vilkovo”, passing through the village Primorskoe. (The seashore )

(look at the map)

The departure of buses from Odessa “Privoz” (the railway station area):

6:20;  11:10;  11:50;  14:40;  15:45