The human life is not just work but also a complete rest. You have been working hard all year- it’s time to relax. Don’t waste time searching for a good place for rest! Welcome to our resort which has a refreshing name “Veterok” (Breeze) which is situated on the warm and calm shore of the Black Sea, close to the Biosphere Reserve “Danube floods”.
The hot southern sun, the beautiful Black Sea, healthful sea air, clean, golden sand will give you unforgettable memories of summer. It will be so pleasant to review the photos, sitting in the arm-chair in snowy winter evenings and to remember the time you spent being a guest at our resort.
You will tell your friends many wonderful stories about every day you spent in the sound of the surf. You can always rely on our hospitality and pleasant attentive service. We respect our client’s wishes, probably because of this factor, people who come to us for the first time come to our resort again and again.